• May252019

    Almost FREE

    Can I be honest here?  Everyone tells you that “You Must” have a website. Ok, so I have one. Now…

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  • Apr112019


    April we are featuring a wonderful organic coffee from Peru. I’ve roasted it to a medium city roast bringing out…

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  • Mar232019

    Storing Coffee

    Coffee beans once roasted are at their peak for 3 ~ 4 weeks. The 5 enemies of roasted coffee beans:…

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  • Mar202019


    When we think of Italy we think of, well yes Sophia but Espresso is high on the list. So what…

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  • Mar182019

    French Press

    Grind Course 16:1 Water to Coffee Ratio 190F Water 30 second Bloom 4 Minute Brew Enjoy

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