Costa Rica Jaguar Honey
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Costa Rica Jaguar Honey


Variety: 100% Arabica
Altitude: 1500 ~ 1900 masl
Harvested: March 2018
Flavor: Red Apple , Cane Sugar, Almond
Body: Medium
Aroma Mild Floral
Acidity: Medium  (Acidity is to coffee as salt is to our food)
Process: Honey Process
Roast: Medium
Varieties: Caturra / Catuai

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  1. This coffee was harvested first quarter of 2018. Due to being grown at a high elevation it has well developed flavors. With its medium acidity I roasted this to medium/City. I used a 16:1 ratio medium grind with 201F water and a 3 minute pour-over extortion to get a wonderful cup.

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