Honduras Arabica
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Honduras Arabica


Country: Honduras
Region: Cerro Bueno
Variety: Single origin 100% Arabica
Altitude: 1200 ~ 14500 masl (4757 ft above sea level) The higher the richer development)
Harvested: February 18
Flavor: Chocolate, Caramel, Nutty Finish
Body: Mild
Aroma: Rich
Acidity: Medium (Acidity is to coffee as salt is to our food)
Process: Canal Washed
Roast: Medium (City to Full City Roast)
Varieties: Lempira
Cupping Score: This coffee is hand picked and sorted from a single farm. Dried naturally in the sun with the hull on it to give it the sweet flavor tones
Cost including shipping: 1 bag = $20 ($1.43 cup), 2 bags = $35 ($1.25 cup), 4 bags = $69 ($1.23 cup)

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